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Our Leadership Team talk about the future and direction of TMP Worldwide

"TMP Worldwide is the thought leader in direct resourcing whether the organisation is a large scale multi-location commercial business or a services focused section of the public sector. We deliver specialist strategic, creative and digital resourcing solutions to our clients through sector focused teams in Government Health and Education Solutions (GHES) or Brand Led Direct Resourcing (BLDR). And we invest in the expertise and skills for our organisation, to continually provide the right mix of innovation and robust solutions. Great hires can transform organisational performance and we strive to give our clients the brand presence and resourcing processes that deliver GREAT HIRES.

"We encourage our clients to look at resourcing differently. We engage with passive candidates, reaching talent beyond those currently active in the job market. And we deliver this by making sure that the benefits of your organisation are always visible - by engaging talent with your employer brand even outside your recruitment cycle."

Leadership Team, TMP Worldwide

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