Our Objectives

At TMP Worldwide we offer recruitment solutions within the public and private sector for the entire attraction and resourcing process or for segments such as candidate management or assessment. We deliver elements of job profiling, attraction, assessment and hiring - as well as the entire hiring process.

Our objectives, and everything we work towards, culminate in one vision:
We want to deliver you great hires - inspired, engaged and motivated to deliver superior performance

That's it. To do so, we recommend, plan and deliver a series of direct resourcing strategies to leverage your employer brand, engage the best talent, and maximise your return on investment - and not just when you are hiring.

We call this approach 'brand-led direct resourcing'. It makes your values and your objectives a defining part of the candidate experience. It positions your employer brand at the very heart of the resourcing process, and at every touch point in each campaign, and beyond.

We reach the right communities. We foster an understanding of who you are. We create advocates who want to talk about what you do and why it's important. We create a better return on your investment. We engage the best talent for your organisation. We activate applicants who will perform to help your organisation enjoy great performance.

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