Andrew Wilkinson


"Whatever I do, I want to do it to the best of my ability – and that’s what drives me."

Andrew might not have the greatest golf handicap, but he’s a firm believer in pushing himself to be the best he can. Not just for himself, but for those around him. So, whether he’s in the boardroom, visiting clients, out and about at our regional offices, or even on the golf course, it’s all about driving performance. He works to ensure that both the business and our clients are fully equipped for the future. And he uses his expertise and passion to help clients engage with the best candidates – and to make the most of their employer brand at all times. For Andrew, being your best is not something you can switch off.

Neil Harrison

Head of Employer Branding & Insight

"It’s about creating greater understanding and insight."

This doesn’t stop outside of work either. In his spare time, Neil coaches cricket and rugby teams – helping them to develop winning strategies too. It’s all about finding out what motivates people and putting it into action. And by getting beneath the surface of an organisation and seeing what makes it tick, Neil enables them to deliver the right messages to inspire current and future colleagues. He looks at the challenges they face, and, conducting research into areas as diverse as employer branding, graduate recruitment and employment motivations, his findings enable clients to adopt the right tactics for future success.

Robert Peasnell

Business Director, Government, Healthcare & Education Solutions

"I get great satisfaction from seeing people enjoy the results."

As a keen amateur chef, Robert knows that when you’ve got the right ingredients, and take time and care over their preparation, the results can be outstanding. And when the pressure is on for the public sector to deliver services with reduced resources, getting the best results has never been more important. So in whatever he does, whether he’s out at meetings, inspiring his team or speaking at conferences, his clients’ best interests come first. He brings everything together – blending specialist public sector knowledge with employer branding expertise and innovative digital approaches – to serve up the finest, cost-effective recruitment solutions.

Shelly Romero

Account Manager

"I get totally engrossed in the characters and their individual stories."

There’s nothing Shelley enjoys more than a good book – particularly the novels of Wilbur Smith. She likes getting to know the characters and following the fortunes of their families as the tales span the centuries. She gets just as absorbed in her clients’ stories too. As she gets to know them and understand their individual needs, she builds a picture of where they want to be – now, and in the future. And, working closely with different teams across the business, she brings all the elements together to deliver projects with happy endings for everyone.

Toby Edwards

Client Manager

Toby is a client manager in the Government, Health and Education Services team and his passion is in cycling