Our Approach

We have a detailed and proven methodology to deliver the best results for you and your people. Our business is structured around this approach, which we call ‘brand-led direct resourcing’.

Putting your employer brand right at the very heart of the conversation with candidates, our approach aligns perfectly with your business objectives and requirements.

It reaches beyond active job seekers, helping understand audiences and create new talent communities of engaged and segmented audiences. It finds the best people, and it helps them find you. Increasingly, it humanises your brand, helping your messages become better understood, and more potent.

For your candidates, this approach creates a more rewarding journey, from attraction to engagement, to hire and beyond. For your business, it creates a more productive workforce – and it significantly improves your return on investment.

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Our methodology begins by defining your business objectives, your audiences, the market in which you operate and your needs. This will form the basis for the resourcing process we create. It will also help us to successfully manage and deliver your employer brand – the foundation for all your communications.

Once we understand who you are, what you need and what you want to achieve, we can develop and manage a candidate lifecycle that will bring you the best people and the best return.

From developing portraits of your target audience, to improving competency frameworks and creating the value exchange, essential in communications today.

Everything we do relies on defining the potential within your organisation and your employer brand. By completing this first step, we will deliver true value with more engaged candidates – and a more engaged workforce, overall.

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Attraction can begin only when we have developed a complete understanding of your organisation, your audience and the wider landscape of your market. Because, only then can we harness every available channel to help you find the best talent – and to help them find you.

We recommend our clients campaigns are personal, mobilise and social. That’s because increasingly, mobile devices are outselling desktop computers. But we’re not working to showcase the latest media trends – we’re working to bring you outstanding results. Therefore, our attraction campaigns are carefully designed to reach each target audience via their preferred channel.

Three reasons why we win awards for our work in attraction:
Socialisation – face-to-face and digital advocacy in diverse communities
Personalisation – having conversations with talent through relevant, intelligent experiences
Mobilisation – reaching audiences, wherever they are, on whatever device

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Great engagement creates engaged audiences who are ready to be activated. It also delivers a competitive advantage, which is critical when your candidates could be involved in four or five different recruitment cycles. Ultimately, great engagement wins talent, delivers productive employees and loyal advocates.

Our approach goes beyond keeping candidates warm between attraction and hire. We build momentum and knowledge around your offering and your organisation. We inform, reward and motivate people to take action – and we engage with them while they do. We initiate a process of self-selection, whereby only the best talent opts into the candidate journey.

Even when the campaign is over, we continue to engage pipeline talent, inspiring job seekers and passive candidates alike – and delivering a better sense of your organisation.

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Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University


We activate talent by communicating the benefits of a particular course of action – one that fits with your campaign objectives, and the wider objectives of your organisation.

To do so, we create a rationale for action that resonates with audiences. It associates your brand with a value exchange, and culminates in a great call to action that works conceptually, emotionally – guiding your candidates on every level. We build this into the very foundations of your whole campaign.

Whether you want to encourage people to apply for roles, provide you with their contact details or advocate your message with friends and colleagues – we deliver a personalised and highly relevant experience that inspires only the right course of action.

Take step five: Nurture >>

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Jaguar Land Rover

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Managing talent throughout the candidate lifecycle requires a specialist approach – one that continues to engage and inspire both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Between application and hire, our methodology delivers beyond keeping candidates warm. It assesses suitability and builds momentum, loyalty and trust, establishing the values and behaviours you want at work, inside your organisation.

Building your talent pool, a pipeline of potential candidates, relies on actively engaging unsuccessful applicants and any consumers who might later become candidates. We actively engage these groups, continuing to offer an experience that is based on a value exchange, keeping them warm, informed and rewarded.

‘Nurture’ creates brand advocates at every stage of the resourcing process, using interaction and activation to motivate positive conversations between communities of candidates and consumers.

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Measurement is a critical part of the resourcing process, which begins in the first step of understanding your organisation, your objectives and your requirements. It forms a key aspect to our campaign managed solutions, helping us to evaluate and deliver success to our clients.

To accurately determine how every aspect of a process or campaign is performing, we implement a trusted combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. Beyond data, we evaluate what is happening, in real-time, and create genuine insight that can leverage outcomes.

Measurement in all stages and phases gives meaning to our work and ensures the best results for our clients. By modifying as we go, we can continually improve the client solution and evolve each process or campaign over its duration – be that days or years.

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