Assessment Services Approach

Our vision is to deliver brand led, digitally driven Selection tools so that Clients and candidates find their perfect match.  Our team of experienced Occupational Psychologists can support you in designing and delivering brand-led, digitally driven solutions to help you find the right candidates for your organisation.

Our assessment model shows how we aim to fulfil our vision and partner with you to achieve your business objectives.

Understand: - We'll work in partnership with you to evaluate your assessment challenges based on your strategic goals, culture and values. We assess the qualities that drive high performance through a process called job analysis.

Design: - We'll create a selection process and assessment tools to objectively measure the qualities that drive performance. We prefer bespoke design, weaving your brand and injecting innovation throughout - whether it's realistic job previews, online testing or assessment centre exercises.  We're also independent providers of online tests so we'll select what's right for you each time.

Deliver: - We'll find the right level of support for you in executing your campaign - from online tests to a fully outsourced service. Our recruitment delivery centre specialises in volume resourcing and we have an extended team of professional occupational psychologists who can manage, facilitate and evaluate at your assessment centres.  Alternatively, we provide training to ensure that your assessors make the very best selection decisions.

Evaluate: - We'll work with you to decide on the measures of success up front. We'll then gather the data and conduct the analyses to determine how well the tools we designed work to select the highest performers.  We'll also monitor the impact of the process on performance in the role, tenure, time to hire, cost per hire, candidate and hiring manager engagement.

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