Candidate experiences

Today's assessment methods are moving beyond many of the traditional approaches and embracing more creative brand experiences to make a real world assessment situation both meet the selection criteria and provide an engaging challenge for candidates.

 This short video gives an insight into how an assessment experience can look and feel very different for a candidate. This particular assessment experience is part of a broader attraction campaign for Virgin Money. It is designed to encourage would-be candidates to come forward and take part in a challenge. The challenge has been previewed by journalists and industry professionals driving PR coverage and consequently awareness amongst a potential audience of passive job seekers who have the right skills and behaviours to take on Virgin Money's change-making role. 

 Working with TMP and Audeliss, Virgin Money adopted this different recruitment approach by designing this unique recruitment challenge. At this recruitment experience, each candidate will be put through a series of mystery, immersive tasks to challenge their creative genius. "The World's Most Creative Job Interview", will take place on Tuesday 10th July in London.

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