Digital assessment

Here at TMP Worldwide, we invest in keeping abreast of the latest recruitment methods and are building our competence in digital assessment techniques that  will play a huge part in the future of recruitment selection and assessment solutions. You only have to consider that videos are 5.33 times more effective than text for keeping people on your website and 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text to appreciate the possibilities for recruitment.

Here are just some of the techniques available today-

Digital Situation Judgement Test (SJT) videos simulate real-world experiences just like a situational judgement test,  so we can gain insight into how candidates would potentially react and respond to different problems that might arise in the jobs they're applying to. They are great alternatives to telephone interviewing and overcome any geographical problems by being able to reach out to international candidates as well as giving an authentic impression of candidates for recruiters in comparison to a written or actor led SJTs.

Video candidate interviewing  an effective alternative to telephone interviewing as it is not dictated by the availability of a recruiter at a specific time or location. The candidate chooses how and when they record their answers and the recruiter can review these videos at a time that suits them. We design videos so that they also showcase your organisation's culture. The very fact the employer has used the medium of video as a way of communicating the benefits of working for them can boost  your employer brand in the eyes of candidates as it demonstrates a commitment to innovation.

We present "A day in the life" style videos at assessment centres which give candidates immersive experiences with typical scenarios they might encounter on the job. This observational approach follows professionals in their own job environment so a candidate can understand everything they need to know about the role, preventing candidate drop out and letting the employer have more time to focus on the right candidates.

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