Search Marketing

Call it search engine advertising and optimisation, Google search or Pay Per Click advertising: it's all about your brand and roles being found by potential candidates.

We can direct traffic to your site and drive phone calls from prospective applicants to your call / application centre.

Careers websites often need to meet a specific and short term recruitment campaign objective, so appearing consistently in the first page results for relevant search terms is a priority for recruiters.

PPC - Pay Per Click is a great way to leverage the inherent volatility and variance in organic search listings and drive relevant traffic to your careers website. Taking into account the fact that Google has multiple products, here at TMP, we create best practice search campaigns that work towards multiple recruiting objectives, even when the careers website is brand new and has no initial visitor traffic.

Key benefits include:

Lowering the cost per application
We can make continual small but effective changes to your advertising account which will result in a lower cost per application when compared to any other channel, and we can also provide detailed reports highlighting the effectiveness of your spend.

Enables the benefits of direct recruitment
This method can reduce reliance on recruitment agencies and we typically do not exceed £100 cost per hire.

Fast visible results
Only a relatively modest initial investment is required to judge campaign effectiveness. Most of our campaigns have a dual focus. One objective is to deliver hires and the second is to increase awareness of your business and roles.

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