Employer Branding

The evolution of the employer brand continues. If, in the past, employer branding's focus was perhaps around finessing recruitment communications, today's construct is far more fundamental, far more value adding and far more likely to generate significant organisational headway. Your employer brand and its compass, the employee value proposition, is the platform through which great organisations communicate employment awareness, aspiration, engagement and advocacy. The authentic essence of what differentiates your organisation, your objectives, your vision, your values and the employment-based message you wish to communicate is unique. We get to the heart of this, basing solutions on insight and knowledge rather than guesswork and intuition.

This discovery process is central to our brand-led direct resourcing model. Although we have an established model through which to deliver our this process, it is executed in a bespoke manner, based around each client's own objectives, challenges, markets, audiences, timeframes and budgets. Through focus groups, social listening, online surveys, interviews, web conferencing and desk-based analysis, we aim to engage with the broadest possible range of internal stakeholders and external talent pools.

And the objective of such rigorous research? Your employee value proposition and the employer brand it informs. This forms the essence of your employment communications and, in turn, your overall people strategy. It is the platform that supports the tone, content and expression of your recruitment communications, your candidate messaging, your induction materials, through to your internal engagement strategies. Demographic changes, global talent mobility and employee disengagement wrought by four years of economic mire and talent stasis mean that the resourcing, engagement, motivation and alignment of great people has rarely been so important and rarely been so competitive. Why great people want to work for you, stay working for you and stay great is not simply a philosophical debate, it will distinguish the winners from the obsolete.

The wants, needs and ambitions of the people you want to recruit, as well as the people you want to retain and remain engaged are not about to stand still. We work tirelessly, then, with our client base, in order to ensure that their employer brands are equally dynamic and evolving.

Discover how we deliver employee engagement.


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