Employer Branding - Employee Engagement

Labour mobility throughout the UK is at an all time low. Workers at all levels are remaining in roles across the commercial and public sectors. While this does create lower attrition rates, it can also result in a workforce that is not aligned with employer values, behaviours and business objectives. And you may not be seeing the discretionary effort that you would expect from a proactive employee.

Never has ongoing employee engagement been more critical - or more valuable. Beyond onboarding stages in a new employee's career, engagement is a proven tool that delivers better productivity in challenging times. At TMP Worldwide, it all starts with an approach that brings the values of your employer brand into the employee experience.

Our approach is called brand-led direct resourcing, and we use this unique methodology to determine the best employee engagement solution for each client. Then, we deliver this solution throughout the employee lifecycle, to manage an experience that both inspires internal talent and elicits a behaviour change across organisations.

Crucially, we reconnect workforces to their employers, delivering our clients new levels of productivity and profit.

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