Attraction and branding

Public sector recruitment is a highly specialist area. That's why, here at TMP Worldwide, we have developed a series of successful candidate attraction techniques - specifically for organisations who need expert Government, Healthcare and Education Solutions (GHES).

Beyond our specialist Government, Healthcare and Education Solutions experience, we take time to really understand your organisation. We look at your culture and your way of working. We scrutinise your expectations as an employer, how this fits with the experiences of your employees. We also consult with external job seekers to establish current perceptions of your organisation. In this way, we truly understand your employment situation and your employer reputation - and this defines the route ahead. 

Robust research informs how we conduct our media planning and buying. Whether we are delivering volume recruitment or specialist and senior hires, we use a combination of qualitative techniques, such as focus groups and social listening, with quantitative research methods. In this way, we can attract even hard to reach candidates in specialist communities.

Specialist knowledge, in-depth understanding, better media space buying - everything we do in GHES culminates in excellent candidate attraction campaigns. By combining traditional channels with digital recruitment, we deliver the most cost effective solutions for the public sector.

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