Resourcing is a complex and intricate process that involves engaging the right candidate audience with the organisation's employer brand to recruit great talent. But for it to be successful everything needs to be just right. The right number of people. The right skills. The right organisation. And the right time.

But most importantly, you need the right resourcing people to make it happen. 

At TMP we know that resourcing is not just about recruiting people to a role in an organisation. It's about succession planning and employee engagement. It's about identifying and attracting key people. The kind of people who can fill your short term and long term needs, those who can meet the changing needs of your business, and those who can give your organisation a competitive advantage.

It is also about getting people to believe in your employer brand through their candidate experience. At TMP we place the Employer Brand at the heart of our thinking, bringing it to life to support direct resourcing across entry level talent (apprentice, graduates and MBA), volume recruitment and senior, professional and specialist hiring.

We do this by engaging and inspiring talent at every stage of their recruitment journey, building brand awareness through multi channel campaigns and maximizing creative thinking and innovation to ensure your audience believe in your brand.

 At TMP, Resourcing is about so much more than just filling empty desks:

  • We can help lead the analysis of current resource and talent levels, taking into account factors such as current and future demand, demographics, attrition, and capability by discipline, geography, critical and scarce skills.
  • Leading the identification and implementation of appropriate and fair selection and assessment methodologies such as video based screening to telephone interviews and assessment centres.

From full RPO to Volume Recruitment and campaign recruitment we deliver a positive candidate experience at every stage. And using technology we embed the Employer Brand during the on-boarding and induction phases to ensure we always build employee engagement and high performance


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