Entry Level Talent

At TMP we know a thing or two about finding the best new talent. After all, we are the largest and most experienced agency in the industry when it comes to providing attraction, sourcing and candidate management solutions. But it's not just about milking the market to get the highest numbers of candidates. It's about knowing how to skim the cream off the top.

Whether you want to reach out to graduates, college and school leavers, or to attract those looking for apprenticeships, at TMP we've got some of the best people, the best practices, and the best solutions, all working to bring you the best candidates.

In a nut-shell, what we can do for you...

Our team of dedicated professionals can provide strategic consultancy as well as delivering end-to-end solutions to engage with high quality prospective employees - all built around your brand.

Employer Branding and Insight- We can provide major proprietary research projects, employer brand resourcing, graduate market trends, focus groups, online surveys, campaign recruitment, one-on-one interviews and competitor benchmarking studies.

Graduate Media and Management Information- With our benchmarked data we can plan and measure targeted graduate campaigns on a global basis helping you to reach the schools market, college and universities.

Attraction / Creative / Web Development- Mobilisation, personalisation and socialisation. Our solutions include everything from print advertising and basic online banners through to rich media, social media, volume recruitment, on campus marketing, RPO, social activations and building upwards of 100 websites a year.

Assessment and Selection:We deliver brand-led, innovative selection tools for clients and candidates to find their perfect match.

To find the best candidates for your organisation we measure a candidate's skills, abilities, personality attributes, motivations and behaviours - all measured through a series of emotional, social and cognitive intelligence competencies.



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