To develop an RPO strategy for Aircelle to reduce hiring costs and identify and engage with candidates for hard to fill roles whilst introducing and taking a new Employer Brand to market. This was aligned to the Safran Group approach to attract 'top talent' into the organisation, pioneered by Aircelle in the UK.

Roles at Aircelle fall into identified national skill shortage categories and they were using multiple recruitment agencies to hire staff. This was both costly and time consuming, with some roles remaining unfilled for 12 months.  Aircelle required a trusted partner to work actively within the business, to attract specialist talent locally and from overseas.

Due to several name changes over recent decades, combined with its position as part of the much larger Safran Group, Aircelle had lost its identity in the candidate marketplace. We needed to re-introduce and establish their identity and position their opportunities in the candidate marketplace.


After research and establishing an employer brand, we went to market to hire talented professionals for Aircelle.  Our experienced RPO team seamlessly managed all recruitment for Specialist and Management positions, working onsite at Aircelle and building productive relationships with HR and Hiring Managers.
By placing Aircelle's unique employer brand at the heart of the RPO approach we allow candidates to gain an authentic taste of what it is really like to work there.  This appeals to the right candidates with the required skills, experience and behaviours whilst dissuading unsuitable candidates from applying.

By using a wide scope of TMP Worldwide's services including; assessment, creative, research, candidate management and using the experience of our brand led direct sourcing experts, TMP were able to develop an RPO approach that took the Aircelle employer brand to the right talent across the world with great results.


The number of applications per vacancy has increased, and target candidate groups are developing both awareness and understanding of Aircelle's unique employer brand.  Specialist hires are now being appointed in a timely manner. And, in addition to appealing across the UK, Aircelle now attracts high quality talent from countries including Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

As a result there has been a 30% reduction in cost per hire and we also achieved a 50% reduction in time to hire.

The next 12 months will see us enter the next phase of the service. We anticipate achieving a range of goals - from process improvement, through to supporting the development of hiring manager capability (based on the relationships we have nurtured) and building strong talent pipelines.

Helen Gopsill, HR Director at Aircelle says "TMP has been a great business partner, supporting us to truly transform our recruitment processes and to bring highly talented people into the business over the last 15 months."