Recruiting undergraduates for Lloyds Banking Group Summer internship program


To recruit 10 undergraduates for Lloyds Banking Group Summer internship program. We committed to finding LBG over 100 quality “leads”. LBG required undergraduates for their Digital Leadership and Retail Banking internship programmes. In particular LBG wanted a boost in their female pipeline due to the lack of females applying for their internships. 

Candidates needed to be in their 2nd year of university studies, having obtained a minimum of 300 UCAS points as well as being on their way to securing a 2:1 in their degree.

Sourcing, carrying out telephone interviews, qualifying applicants to ensure they meet the requirements for the internships, and managing the online application processes were all outsourced to our Bristol Delivery Centre.


Lloyds Banking Group are a financial services group with millions of UK customers. They are one of  the UK’s leading retail and commercial banks, familiar on the high street and with over 1 million businesses through their portfolio brands (Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows) focusing on retail and commercial services. Lloyds Bank offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services – including current accounts, savings, mortgages, loans and credit cards. The Bank’s private banking team helps service the needs of the wealthiest customers, while its network of over a hundred commercial banking offices supports businesses of all sizes. 

Due to their success in the market, LBG Emerging Talent Team are always on the lookout for future talent and therefore developed their graduate and internship programmes. The 10 week internship opportunities they offer allow undergraduates to gain invaluable experience whilst getting paid for it. These opportunities allow undergraduates to gain exposure in a corporate environment, giving them a flavour for which direction they are more suited to, due to the varied roles on offer. Once more if Graduates impress during their internship, they will be offered a role on their graduate program, thus securing a job offer for when they graduate from university. This very much helped us to sell the opportunity to undergraduates.

Numbers required:10 hires to be made at the end of the recruitment process.

Historical issues/information: LBG needed more females to apply to their internships; historically the majority of applications have been coming from male applicants.

Expressed need (what the client wanted to achieve/what we advised): LBG wanted to outsource to an external supplier who could partner with them on the campaign, handling all applications and the online screening process.


Lloyds Banking Group launched their intern and grad placements program at the end of September last year. Their focus previously was predominantly on recruiting graduates; however they have continually promoted the internship opportunities. Unfortunately there hadn’t been an appetite from students to apply.

Before reaching out to TMP, LBG had already carried out a recruitment campaign to attract candidates mainly through attending recruitment fairs at universities across the UK as well as promoting national adverts.

Finding suitable candidates: Not many 2nd year university students had their CV’s on the job boards. We also found that we had to discount a number of interested candidates during the screening stage as they fell short of the 300 (minimum) UCAS points required by LBG to apply for the internships.


Approach: Our engagement strategy was to ensure all prospects identified from the search activity were sent at least two emails to initiate the conversation, and two direct telephone approach calls. (Where telephone numbers were supplied). 

We approached universities including the head of department for each degree discipline as well as the placement officers so that they could directly send target emails out to 2nd year university students. We also advertised on facebook university groups. This approach successfully resulted in enquiries and applications. Contacting the Careers departments of selected Universities (previously untargeted) also resulted in promotion of the LBG Summer intern campaign on campus via targeted emails, bulletin board posts and Intranet communication. 

Once engaged, qualified and confirmed prospect interest, we then directed them to the application page via the specific tracking link. We provided additional supporting information along the way to further interest in the opportunity by using the specific LBG brochures on offer. As there were multiple opportunities available, we also asked candidates for referrals and for them to pass on TMP’s contact details to anyone they know who meets the criteria and would be potentially interested in the opportunities.

We created an online application process, designed a bespoke SJT, telephone interview and all screening and communication with candidates was through a dedicated team at our call centre in Bristol. 

During the application process, we were on hand to answer calls/emails relating to any technical issues which meant that we could ensure that candidates could successfully apply and we could rectify any issues that would hinder the process.


169 clicks, 123 Started Applications and 91 Submitted Applications 

Client feedback:

To date, we have been pleased with the efforts of the direct sourcing initiative. They have contacted a wide range of potential applicants and provided a good volume of applicants for two of our hard-to-recruit intern programmes. They also provided regular progress updates with detailed analysis of conversations held with candidates and their stage of application, which was greatly appreciated. The overall number of applicants for both these programmes saw a noticeable increase during the direct sourcing period, but it was also evidenced that the initiative led to new applications on other streams as well. This demonstrated that the agency were able to represent Lloyds Banking Group very well to potential applicants.