Helping a new Government owned organisation raise its profile and recruit key team members.


The Low Carbon Contracts Company was established by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in the summer of 2014 to manage the new Contracts for Difference (CFD) introduced by Government as part of the ambitious Electricity Market Reform (EMR) programme. EMR is designed to attract a proportion of the £110 billion investment needed this decade to replace the UK’s ageing energy infrastructure with a more secure, affordable and low-carbon energy mix.

Just six permanent staff were employed when the London based office opened on August 1st 2014. There was an immediate need to recruit 10 key members of staff across a number of functions; finance, comms, HR, legal, and procurement, staff that would be crucial to delivering the first stage of EMR.

Following an exhaustive tendering process involving 18 potential partners TMP were chosen to assist with the campaign.


With no employer brand and little visibility in the recruitment market place The Low Carbon Contracts Company tasked TMP with raising its profile in an increasingly candidate driven environment.

In response TMP devised a three pronged approach that utilised three key areas of expertise; an eye-catching and creative microsite, a tracked and measureable media campaign, and direct sourcing to identify and engage with passive candidates.

An initial briefing meeting with senior stakeholders provided useful insights into the roles, the skills and competencies required, and the challenges and opportunities that candidates would be presented with. Commercial understanding and great ideas on how to grow the business were of paramount importance. Within four weeks TMP had designed and built drawing on the concept of the five elements of energy – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Emotive copy asked potential candidates if they ‘were ready to become the fifth element’, and join the company to become a key component in creating a low carbon generated future across a breadth of technologies.

An online media campaign across a variety of niche role-specific channels. Inventory, including banner adverts, skyscrapers and targeted html emails was complemented by Google Paid Search. During a two-and-a-half month period this resulted in over 3000 visits to the website.

Candidates could view details of the specific roles available and apply via a simple online application form.

Simultaneously, our Specialist TMP Engage team used a variety of methods to identify and engage with passive candidates. These included deep-web searching, referrals and LinkedIn analysis among other methods. During this time the nature and scope of some of the roles altered due to the dynamic nature of the Low Carbon Contracts Company’s business requirements, with TMP providing advice and guidance, whilst adapting our approach as a result.

Over 300 active candidates applied for the ten roles available, with an average media spend of just over £50 per application. An additional 320 previously passive candidates were encouraged to apply as a result of the activities undertaken by the TMP Engage team. Following shortlisting just under 50 candidates were selected and entered the formal interview process.


At the end of the three month campaign The Low Carbon Company were able to fill all of their vacancies, with candidates appointed that had been generated via the campaign as well as via referrals and third-party sources.

Thoroughly impressed with the service TMP provided. The campaign microsite was very well received. We have been provided with strong shortlists and received excellent feedback from recruiting managers on the professional and smooth service TMP provided. Candidates assumed that they were being contacted and guided by our own HR team – a testament to how well TMP represented us. I would highly recommend them for similar multiple vacancy campaigns in the future.”

Cynthia Duodo, Head of Corporate Services