Engaging top technical talent


To attract a new generation of technical talent to Ordnance Survey. It was looking to stand out in a very competitive graduate and entry level talent market which includes employers such as Google, Garmin and Apple. They were looking to attract and direct new talent towards Ordnance Survey and show potential candidates the career opportunities available there.


An attraction strategy was designed that engaged and motivated the right candidates to start and stay in the application process. In order to best engage with the graduate and young talent target market, a Facebook campaign was used as the main part of the digital attraction strategy.

Various digital marketing techniques were also used including; PR, targeted ads on online job boards, advertising in social networks and social media marketing to create conversation and buzz around the opportunities offered by Ordnance Survey.  Each engaged applicant was driven to the Facebook application for further information about the application process.

An assessment process was designed involving online tests and behavioural exercises that reflected the way Ordnance Survey works. This helped to match the right candidates with the organisation. The assessment section of the application also had a closed Facebook group where the successful candidates could chat and ask questions.  


The PR campaign reached approx 4.5m people and generated £27.5k worth of exposure, including the Daily Mail and BBC Southampton Radio. The campaign has also been recognised in the recruitment marketplace when it recently won Best Online Recruitment Advert/Campaign at the Recruitment Business Awards 2013.  
The attraction campaign was a huge success receiving 2504 click throughs, 174 applications and resulted in Ordnance Survey filling all of its vacancies.

 "We had a superb pool of talent to select from and the majority of the applicants were attracted by our social media campaign. We found that although students used some of our products on their courses, they were not aware of the ways we are developing our digital data and mapping and this campaign opened their eyes to how technology is driving Ordnance Survey." Nadine Prior, Head of Human Resources