Employer Brand and Communications

rentalcars.com, as the name suggests, is a car rental business based in Manchester. The company has grown quickly from four people in 2006 to a multi-million pound business, with over 900 employees. It was recently acquired in 2010 by the Priceline Group (owners of booking.com). As the parent organisation looked to expand, they needed to position this successful global organisation as an attractive employer.

The availability of talent became a limitation to its continued growth, as people with technical skills were in demand from other local, and higher profile, employers.


To create an attractive recruitment platform that reflected rentalcars.com's opportunities; to entice the right talent to drive the business forward, by making the careers website appealing to the key candidate audience. Also, rentalcars.com's distinctive culture needed to be communicated so that it reached those who would enjoy working in an environment that promoted independence and metric driven performance.


TMP was selected due to its experience in understanding and communicating an employer brand through digital channels. The marketing message used was 'Anything but ordinary', as research suggested that a key motivating factor for engaged employees was their ability to be different. These results have helped rentalcars.com and its talent acquisition team to start the journey of an employee brand proposition for its organisation.

The destination careers website was created as the key recruitment channel. The user experience was personalised, based on job specifications and serving relevant content to be shared through social media channels. The site was responsive and optimised for mobile devices. It also used a well-known feature of e-commerce websites - the basket, where relevant jobs were selected rather than products. The site retained the selections, allowing the candidate to find the relevant content at a later time.

Another key feature was the integrated Google Hangout, an instant messaging and video chat platform which enabled the team at rentalcars.com to connect with potential candidates.

The website was built on a content managed platform, allowing the HR team to keep the site fresh with regular updates quickly and efficiently.


 "The combination of the brand positioning work and the implementation of a great careers website has allowed rentalcars.com to begin its journey of building a distinctive reputation with both the local digital talent and that beyond our boundaries as a global business. This enables us to move from an agency recruitment model to a direct hiring approach, which now accounts for 80% of hiring." Lyndsey Henderson, Head of Talent Acquisition, rentalcars.com