Recruiting a Head of Technical

U-POL is a leading supplier of bodyfiller, coatings, aerosols, abrasives, polishes and consumables to the car repair market with a market reputation for high quality products and sales to over 100 countries. They have experienced a significant period of sales growth over the past 8 years, and were eager to continue this expansion. U-POL wanted to recruit a Head of Technical to bring in new ideas, and new ways of working to further drive growth.


TMP’s Senior & Specialist team met with U-POL stakeholders to build an in-depth understanding of their requirements.
The Head of Technical would provide overall technical support to all functions, and drive product development. The Head of Technical needed to have a strong ‘chemicals’ manufacturing background, and understand the complexity of material supply and pricing.


The client stipulated that the ideal candidate had to have four main attributes: a Polymer Chemistry Degree, experience of managing a Laboratory now or in the past, a commercial background, and they had to be an experienced and proven manager.

The Senior Professional and Specialist team identified 93 prospects, through a number of channels. 85 were passive candidates, sourced through a number of different routes. After engaging with 76 individuals, we created a shortlist of people that matched the brief, made from 16 candidates. Of those in contention, 12 candidates were passive, which means that 75% of applicants were not looking for a new role until TMP approached them.


Delighted with the shortlist, the client decided to interview 9 of the 12 individuals. They had specifically asked for a large interview list, due to the unique nature of the role – balancing strong technical skills with real leadership qualities. The offered candidate accepted the role and started work in May.

Client Quote

“We approached TMP to support us in the recruitment of a highly specialist role. We needed to appoint an individual with the right blend of highly sought technical and leadership skills, which we knew would be a challenge.

Our consultant, Suzi Fox, worked closely with us from the initial briefing, from which she built an impressive long-list of target organisations and prospective candidates. Suzi then managed the process, making all of the direct approaches, before producing and recommending a shortlist. Suzi showed a great deal of tenacity and persistence to ensure that we reached a successful conclusion, which resulted in the appointment of a high calibre candidate to U-POL.”

Martin Bach, Chief Operating Officer