TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Hertfordshire County Council: Under One Roof

Hertfordshire has a reputation for delivering innovation that works. In 2010, it developed the very first multi-agency safeguarding hub. A year later, the council unveiled the first joint police/local authority Child Protection team. Now it’s being backed by the Government’s Innovation Fund to pilot a new model for social care – one that could pave the way for national reform. By creating single holistic family social care teams, Hertfordshire would address the domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health issues that lead to children going into care. All they needed was the attraction strategy that would find these specialists.

Hertfordshire council case study

The Challenge

Hertfordshire County Council approached TMP to help recruit the experts who would make their new single holistic family a real success. From team managers, to experienced children’s social workers, clinical psychologists, community psychiatric nurses, and even domestic abuse workers with a probation background – they needed to find the right people to combine the right skills. It was our job to create the solution that would speak to them all. Whatever the solution, it was essential that the work we developed conveyed the importance and the impact of these new teams.

The Solution

In response, we developed a number of creative executions that fully explored the intricacies of this pioneering initiative. In fact, Hertfordshire chose the concept that we felt was the most emotive – ‘Under one roof’. A powerful video would form the heart of this campaign, helping our message reach a wide number of potential candidates. By working closely with the client, we made sure this video depicted a scenario that would typically require Hertfordshire to intervene to safeguard a child.

"As a result, 130 CVs were submitted, 58 interviews were attended, and 15 offers were accepted."


Benefits and Results

From the moment the campaign went live, people were talking about it and sharing the video on social media. Garnering coverage from both the BBC and ITV news helped to elevate the campaign further, and the video has achieved well over 2,000 views. As a result, 130 CVs were submitted, 58 interviews were attended, and 15 offers were accepted.

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