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Lloyds Banking Group: Job Profiling

For over 320 years Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) has been at the heart of the British economy – making a difference to the lives of customers, businesses and communities.

When it came time to undertake detailed job analysis as part of a wider competency framework project, LBG teamed up with TMP to gain the best insights. Our Occupational Psychologists were tasked with undertaking the painstaking work that then builds into tools to drive efficiency and better selection and performance.

The Challenge

Our brief from LBG was to design a complex, multi-layered competency framework that would support multiple roles across numerous parts of their business and underpin their shift in strategic direction from a sales to service culture. The foundation of this work needed to come from extensive job profiling.

The Solution

We started our work with the sole objective of gaining real insight into the roles under the spotlight, comprehensive job analysis was commissioned to explore the specifics of each role in detail. Our Consultants conducted an intense, data-driven job analysis phase with job holders and Line Managers. This involved structured interviews and shadowing of representatives across the business. This would help to give a better understanding of what contributes to role performance success and retention amongst the different groups of employees.

Benefits and Results

From our background work on job analysis we delivered a competency framework that consolidated the many existing frameworks into a new one which was designed to serve the business as a whole. We were able to transform the variety of their selection processes into a far more manageable series and also develop job families so that candidates could apply across multiple roles. Our approach to developing the new framework was so successful that LBG then asked us to design new assessment materials to support the new processes.

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