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Rental Cars: Job Profiling

Rental Cars as the name suggests, is a car rental portal based in Manchester. The company has grown quickly from four people in 2006 to a multi-million pound business, with over 900 employees. With so many roles, Rental Cars wanted to truly understanding how the motivational fit and core competencies of a role so that they could hire the very best candidates and reduce attrition. So TMP’s Occupational Psychologists were asked to uncover these astute insights and where able to make a really positive impact on these challenges.

The Challenge

Rental Cars are an organisation that puts its values and cultural diversity at the heart of what they do. Their Manchester Call Centre is home to a bustling group of employees working across many different geographies with high targets to achieve. Rental Cars were experiencing a number of strategic recruitment challenges with these roles here.

We were brought in to help Rental Cars pin point and understand exactly what makes theirs a high performing workplace, a centre for knowledge sharing and place where employees are engaged and satisfied. Their driving factor was to reduce the high attrition rates they’d witnessed across these roles. Their intention was to introduce a solution that would balance quality of hire with hard to reach skills, whilst still retain the diversity and culture. It was important to ensure Rental Car employees are delivering a strong focus on optimum customer service whilst capitalising on sales opportunities.

The Solution

Using our Art & Science methodology we started with some science gained from insight from a comprehensive job analysis which was commissioned to explore the culture of the organisation in detail. We identified the role attractors and detractors, their unique challenges and started to appreciate each role’s impact on wider business operations. This would facilitate a better understanding of what contributes to role performance success and retention amongst this diverse population of employees.

To achieve this, Occupational Psychologists conducted an intense, data-driven job analysis phase with job incumbents, line managers and senior stakeholder. This involved structured interviews and shadowing of representatives across the business. Techniques such as Repertory Grids were used to get a true understanding of what it was like to work at the Call Centre in Manchester for Rental Cars.

At times, language barriers proved a challenge, but our Consultants were persistent in collecting the objective data necessary to be able to give Rental Cars recommendations. To gather the most transparent observations, TMP Consultants needed to blend into the daily activities at the Call Centre and gain the trust of interviewees so give an honest account of what it was like working at Rental Cars at this time.

Benefits and Results

Our time as ’getting under the skin’ of what great looks like in these roles resulted in a comprehensive insight report, presented to Rental Cars detailing the insights we had gained from the process for each role. In addition to being a compelling read, this report had a bigger part to play. It was the prerequisite to the design of role specific competence frameworks, giving Rental Cars something to assess their hires against, that was objective, accurate and rooted around their values. It has since been the ignition for discussions about designing a full assessment solution. One that will equip Rental Cars with the tools and skills to make evidence-based, objective, transparent and fair decisions to the right people join these roles, preserve their diversity and create an organisation fully committed to the Rental Cars values and goals.

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