TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Surrey Police: Video

Surrey Police needed to hire a number of experienced detectives. Research and insight indicated that Surrey was perceived as a sleepy region with few crime issues. TMP created a documentary style video, involving real detectives, which highlighted the reality and shared specific stories that would appeal to and attract our target audiences. The video was shared through social media, generating a high level of interest and hires.

The Challenge

Research indicated that detectives outside of Surrey assumed that there’s little real crime to explore and therefore the work in the force would be less challenging. What’s more, Surrey Police were looking to hire experienced detectives – which meant we were fishing in a limited pool. Our brief was to create a video that could be used to help Surrey Police recruit Detective Constables from other forces.

The Solution

Our solutions are based on insight. So we conducted conversations with detectives, to understand how they benefited from working with Surrey Police. We discovered that:

  • Just because Surrey is an attractive county to live in, it still has its fair share of serious and complex crimes to solve.
  • You can grow your experience and career here.
  • Caseloads are challenging, but manageable. You have time to focus on getting the right outcomes for victims.
  • There’s a real team spirit and solid support network

Our research conversations informed the central proposition of ‘Be the detective you have always wanted to be’. To deliver this message, our film invites detectives to uncover the truth in Surrey and change their perceptions.

We created a documentary film ‘trailer’ capturing the reality of what it’s like to be a Surrey Police detective. Using documentary-style footage that we shot of detectives at various types of work, it captures some real moments and genuine team spirit.

Rather than having a scripted voiceover we wanted our audience to hear real detectives talking, in their own words. So we recorded audio interviews, and used a variety of their responses to tell the story of why you can be the detective you want to be with Surrey Police.

Benefits and Results

The social media activity generated over 6,000 clicks and 2,000 views for the video leading to a number of high quality new hires.

Surrey Police hadn’t expected the campaign to be so successful – they thought a handful of people might apply. But the results have really impressed them. They also loved that the detectives we filmed enjoyed their experience. And they’re thinking about using the video in another campaign.

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