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The AA: Recruitment Chatbot

There’s a lot more to the AA than roadside recovery – and yet, candidates are ‘sleephunting’, coming to the AA for the same old jobs. TMP was brought on board to help transform the candidates’ experience and their business awareness.

The careers website is the most popular destination for jobseeker research so a great place to start. In partnership with the AA, we wanted to create a vastly different experience to the one canidates would ever expect.

The AA chatbot

The Challenge

The AA. The 4th Emergency Service? Well yes. And also no. Being known for doing one thing (very well) is both a blessing and an – ahem – roadblock, when it comes to attracting brilliant candidates.

Say AA and a lot of people can’t see beyond roadside recovery. When they head to the careers website, they can be overwhelmed by choice, or jump straight to the same old roles. Which means they miss out on the impressive variety of careers on offer. And the AA miss out on the wide range of candidates they’re looking for. So we set out to change all that.

The Solution

When is a website not a website? When it’s chatbot-powered. Conventional navigation reinforces lazy habits. Visitors take the journeys they know, rather than the ones that are best for them. So we devised a totally new way to navigate the website, and a recruitment industry first: a website-based chatbot. To pull it off, we sought out bleeding-edge software, still in beta, building bot pathways even as the core code changed under our feet.

Launched this year, AAbot is your guide to the world of AA. By asking him/her questions, candidates can access all the website information from within the chatbot – utterly tailored to their interests, and including – if desired – full job listings.

Mixing humour, a lot of cheek and plenty of surprises, the AAbot is packed with personality. Supporting the new brand proposition, ‘Ready for ANYTHING?’, he takes tone of voice in a bold, playful new direction. He shows that UX copy can entertain, as well as inform, and that UX can be a brand-builder.

“Take it from me, anything can happen. Just this morning I had to breakdance while reciting poetry. In Serbo-Croat.” AAbot

“The site is quite unlike anything we’ve offered before. The brilliant chatbot innovation is transforming how we engage with candidates. And this wouldn’t have been possible without a true partnership. TMP have fully understood our challenges and risen to them with some genius wacky thinking!” Craig Morgans, Head of Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, the AA

“I have no hesitation in recommending AAbot. He’s the most exciting, attractive and modest robot around.” AAbot

Benefits and Results

In the three months since the careers site launched, early results indicate the chatbot is having the right effect. The AAbot itself has enjoyed 4,381 page views (274 a week), and a very healthy average dwell time of 2.3 minutes. It indicates that site visitors are now engaging with the wider story of the AA, and taking away a better understanding of the breadth of roles on offer.

And it’s just the start. AAbot is already a breakout star, appearing in digital ad banners on job boards, driving traffic to the website. We have plans in the pipeline to let AAbot loose across the end-to-end recruitment process, starring in social media, to selection and induction touchpoints.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t all go to AAbot’s head.

Take a look at the Chat bot in action here:

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