TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Virgin Media: RPO

TMP has supported Virgin Media – one of the UK’s volume recruiters – for a number of years. Together, we have worked across the full spectrum of branding and resourcing activity from the development of their EVP, design and build of their careers site and refer a friend site as well as the delivery of thousands of hires through an outsourced model backed up by offers and onboarding.

The Challenge

We provide Virgin Media with a full end-to-end recruitment process. Virgin’s volume hiring service consists of circa 3,500 hires every year, across a number of different channels including customer service, collections, faults, retentions, field technicians, direct sales, field sales and telesales positions. There are 14 different volume processes which we follow to ensure that each candidate receives a consistent service and branded experience.

The Solution

We deliver a candidate process that will bring the very best people into Virgin’s business. To achieve this, we implement a comprehensive pre-screening process for all candidates, which includes an online questionnaire with branching questions, telephone assessments and online psychometric and situational judgment tests. Our focus is not only on the quality of the candidate, but their potential ‘fit’ with Virgin Media. Candidates who pass the pre-screening process are invited to attend an assessment centre and, if they pass assessment, a face-to-face interview. Hiring Managers can call us on a dedicated hotline anytime from 8am to 8pm to receive a live update on their pipeline. They also receive daily statistics on each stage of the recruitment process, helping them to plan face to face assessment days.
We give unsuccessful candidates feedback over the phone or in writing. This consists of a summary of the candidates’ performance against competencies/SJT and online tests or an account of how they measured up against the specific requirements for the role. We put the employer brand at the heart of our whole process and focus on a great candidate experience which is measured through a Net Promoter Score model.

Benefits and Results

We’ve comfortably exceeding Virgin’s minimum requirement that 80% of roles be filled, we delivered 101% fulfilment; Virgin Media were so impressed by the quality of the candidates we supplied directly that they hired more than they had initially planned.

  • We hired a total of 1,105 volume candidates over 12 different volume roles from January to June.
  • We filled 95% of the vacancies via directly sourced candidates, and only used recruitment agencies for 5% of the roles.
  • In the first quarter we processed 35,157 applications for a variety of roles, interviewed 1,613 candidates and hired 363.
  • In the second quarter we processed 31,488 applications for a variety of roles, interviewed 1,090 candidates and hired 506.

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