TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

What comes after your essential transition to virtual recruiting, when teams have shrunk and hiring needs are volatile? How do you ensure sufficient capacity and capability as organisations activate renewed growth strategies? The answer is hybrid recruiting.

Hybrid recruiting blends the expertise of both core in-house and flexible outsourced recruiters, powered through a deliberate mix of human contact and digital technology. 2021 is the year that Hybrid Recruiting comes of age. In this series of events we will research, debate and inform on:

  • How you can get the best from hybrid recruiting.
  • How you can determine the right hybrid approach for your organisation.
  • How to embed flexibility, agility, and scalability within your approach.
  • How you can create the change required within your organisation.

We are delighted to invite you to join us as we investigate this hiring adaptation. The first part of the series is a bite size briefing with talent acquisition expert Gareth Hayes, he explores the pros and cons of hybrid recruiting and why Human Resource and Talent leaders are turning their focus towards a flexible hybrid approach.

The Bite-Size-Briefing is now on demand.

The live Panel Debate will be held on 27th April at 11am.