Assessing for purpose and passion – a more powerful predictor?

Accelerated change is the new normal – geo-political shockwaves, the gig economy, digitisation and millennial attitudes are forcing organisations to continually review their focus. No one knows what the future will hold, but the one thing we do know is that today is the slowest the world will ever move.

Businesses need to respond to the challenge today whilst concurrently future proofing for tomorrow. Ensuring your workforce is resilient and agile to change will be crucial to maintain competitive advantage.

Is it enough to predict future performance using the more traditional measure of skills, experience, personality and cognitive ability? Is it enough just to align candidates with the culture and values of the organisation?

Do we need to re-imagine the approach?

Join our webinar on the 12th April at 2pm to find out how focusing on the whole person could be a more powerful predictor of long term performance.