TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

The AA: Mapping Talent through Market Intelligence

The AA could see an opportunity to add significant additional capacity to an existing contact centre in the Midlands. However, before they put plans into action, they wanted to understand if this location and the talent available was able to support a much larger site alongside a shift away from customer service skills to more sales orientated roles. So they teamed up with TMP to find the answers.

The Challenge

If the AA was going to make the business decision to expand the contact centre and change the skills profile of the roles they needed to be confident that the investment would pay off. This could only be done with clear and transparent evidence of the available talent and the employment market in the region. TMP was asked to impartially find and share the evidence, one way or the other.

The Solution

Using a mixture of online research and big data tools TMP sourced the required data to provide robust insight into the local talent market including market capability, salary, talent distribution and competitor analysis including site size and skills capability.

We made sure that our data was detailed and comprehensive providing real insight into the local labour markets and the potential for the AA to hire the quantity and quality of people to fulfill their plans for the region.

Benefits and Results

The client was able to share our report within the business and engage with key stakeholders on the viability of their plans and demonstrate effective manpower planning for the forthcoming months.