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IMI: Graduate Candidate Management Solution

IMI is a specialist engineering company, who design, manufacture and service highly engineered products that control the precise movement of fluids. They employs some 11,000 people, has manufacturing facilities in more than 20 countries and operates a global service network. When they needed a comprehensive global graduate recruitment campaign, IMI knew who to team up with – TMP. We provided support as part of a total talent solution to deliver a high quality candidate experience and efficient programme to fill these key roles. This included everything from recruitment marketing and campus promotion right through to candidate management and assessment.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to provide IMI with a truly international campaign – recognising the global scale and nature of their requirements. We needed to create a complex ‘always-on’ campaign with 12 pipelines across markets in Europe, Asia and the United States. Our goal was to fill 31 vacancies across three divisions of engineering roles, each with their own individual requirements for tertiary qualifications and educational modules.

The Solution

We’ve provided a global end-to-end recruitment service for IMI’s Graduate Programme for two years, encapsulating every stage in the process, from website design, attraction and sourcing, through to candidate management. The recruitment process managed by TMP comprises of an online application; a detailed qualification screen; a sift of written motivational responses; online verbal and numerical reasoning testing; and a telephone interview. Assessment centres are then regionally administered and conducted by IMI hiring managers.

Our solution to IMI is managed from our Delivery Centre which is operational from 8am-8pm GMT, providing IMI’s applicants access to our resourcers and recruiters, in real-time and over the telephone. We know the importance of this type of contact and human interaction within the recruitment process, and this ensures that candidate satisfaction is maintained to the highest levels. Candidates can also expect a response to any email enquiries within a maximum of 24 hours. We also ensure that any telephone interviews or assessments are organised and scheduled during UK evening hours, maximising IMI’s hiring community’s ability to concentrate purely on interviews/assessments – this ensures that customer satisfaction is also at the highest standards.


"Moving to TMP was the best decision I ever made.” Mari Docker – Global Graduate Development Manager, IMI

Benefits and Results

There were 84 candidates invited to final assessment out of 111 sent to client. From this, 38 offers were made (this includes offers to cover candidates who declined) and 29 accepted. That’s an accepted to offer ratio of 32:1.

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