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KPMG: Helping to attract and assess diverse candidates

KPMG wanted to develop a series of specialist sessions for specific graduate programmes which they were finding difficult to fill with a pipeline of diverse candidates. The programmes were in Deal Advisory, Audit and Technology.

The sessions were three hour events held at a number of universities across the country. These events would provide potential applicants with an insight into the day to day life of working in these roles.

KPMG - grads campaign

The Challenge

The challenge was to attract a diverse range of students to these events and then convert them into successful applicants. Focusing on recruiting a diverse workforce was key to supporting KPMG’s diversity and inclusion goals.

After reviewing the selection process for previous graduate intakes, and KPMG’s global behaviour framework, it became apparent that females and Black Minority (BME) Groups were underperforming in two main behaviours. It became clear that to successfully pass the selection process, candidates would need to become more effective in demonstrating two behavioural areas; “Makes an Impact” and “Drives Collaboration and Inclusion”.

It was critical to design an intervention which would enhance the confidence levels of individuals from these groups, as well as, give them an opportunity to practice their skills in these behavioural areas before submitting an application.

Success would be measured by:

  • Being able to attract a diverse mix of candidates to the sessions.
  • Converting a diverse mix of candidates to make an application following the sessions – particularly focusing on female and BME candidates.

The Solution

TMP’s in-house Business Psychologists believed it was important to take a step back and really understand the graduate roles across each function, so we started with insight and then began to shape our solution.

Working in collaboration with the Creative team, the first step was to develop some sessions which were aligned to three potential themes. “Anticipate Tomorrow” encouraging students to think about what they would like to achieve in the future; “The Curiosity Seminars” encouraging students to think about how they will build rapport with senior figures and finally; “Forward Together” encouraging participants to think about their developmental goals in line with KPMG’s opportunities for growth.

KPMG decided to go ahead with the “Curiosity Seminars” as they felt this theme enabled an exciting and compelling purpose to the sessions.

Our Psychologists designed a series of fun and interactive sessions to give individuals a realistic preview into each function. Behavioural exercises were designed to enable individuals to practice their skills in demonstrating ‘Makes an Impact’ and ‘Drives Collaboration and Inclusion’. Fun and interactive sessions were also designed to give students a realistic preview into the each function and practice their skills.

Benefits and Results

TMP designed and delivered training to KPMG’s On Campus Recruitment Coordinators on how to effectively facilitate each session and ensure a positive learning and brand experience for all the participants.

To understand whether a transfer of learning had occurred, a follow up survey was designed which was sent out to all participants after each event. In particular, it was vital to find out whether the events had influenced each student’s confidence levels to apply. Depending on each participants survey outcomes they were sent tailored comms with further hints and tips to practice and deepen their experience in the two behavioural areas.

Overall, students really enjoyed the sessions and found it useful to gain an insight into what life would be like working at KPMG. Attendees provided great feedback around the content of the sessions saying they found them “highly interactive” and a “good portrayal of the job role”.

Following the sessions, KPMG decided on placing less emphasis on the original two targeted behavioural areas; “Makes an Impact” and “Drives Collaboration and Inclusion”, as they had noticed an improvement in these two areas.

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