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Her Majesty’s Treasury: Candidate Management & Assessment

Every year Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) recruits up to 150 graduates into their Graduate Policy Adviser programme. Being able to work on and influence policies which effect a nation is an attractive proposition for graduates. This meant that they needed help to find the very best candidates from nearly 2,500 applications. TMP were the ideal partner to make the recruitment campaign process easier.

The Challenge

Delivering a satisfactory candidate experience had historically been a challenge for Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) and they were keen for us to provide an exceptional candidate journey for all their applicants. Their recruitment process is subject to the Civil Service Commission Recruitment Principles which TMP are fully conversant with and committed to 100% adherence.

As graduates would be working on policies that would affect the entire population of the United Kingdom, one of HMT’s key objectives was to attract, and ultimately hire, a diverse range of candidates, with a focus on socio-economic background as well as gender, ethnicity and disability. Understanding any adverse impact needs was of particular concern to HMT and an essential part of TMP’s solution.

The Solution

An important focus of our attraction strategy was to shift the perception that the role was primarily ‘financial’ when, in fact, communications and analytical skills are the real areas of competence. This allowed us to broaden the sweep of our attraction strategy in general and also target specific talent groups.

We reviewed all of HMT’s existing assessment materials to establish their fairness, validity and ensure they were aligned to best practice. We also monitored every recruitment stage for any adverse impact. We implemented a batched recruitment process with a structured schedule of keep warm emails to keep candidates regularly updated on their applications. To top it off, we introduced our standard reasonable adjustment process to ensure every candidate making a request due to a disability was personally contacted so that we could address their individual requirement.

The team we assembled, specifically briefed on HMT’s brand, the Graduate Policy Adviser programme and Civil Service Commission Recruitment Principles, were available to support candidates throughout their entire recruitment journey. All queries and requests submitted on the dedicated HMT telephone line and into the email inbox were carefully monitored and responded to in line with our Service Level Agreement.

Benefits and Results

The campaign was very successful, with all hiring targets achieved. The media strategy was responsible for generating 49% of all applications and generating a large amount of traffic to the careers website. HMT were thrilled with the results. The campaign saw a rise in applications across all target audiences – particularly females, BME and state school audiences.

Our analysis of the recruitment process demonstrated that it was free from any adverse impact at every stage. The recruitment journey of one particular disabled candidate typified our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience. This candidate was unable to complete the required online testing. We worked with the online testing provider to replicate the testing in MS-Excel. We then conducted the testing with the candidate face-to-face at our offices in London. The candidate was successful and progressed to the next stage of the recruitment process.

HMT were so pleased with the service that we delivered to their candidates that they engaged us for additional campaigns.

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