Leading Law Firm: Market mapping the UK legal contracting sector

A leading global law firm were developing a new business aimed at freelancers. Key to their success is understanding the market for high quality legal contractors. So, they partnered with TMP to get to grips with the detailed data they needed to map the entire UK legal sector contractor market and make the best decisions for their growth strategy.

The Challenge

The main challenge was in the details. Our client didn’t just need basic data on the market, anyone can find that. They needed a detailed profile of the available talent pool of UK freelance or contractor legal professionals. Not only that, but it needed to be as user friendly and digestible as it was informative and insightful. This would enable our client to match potential legal projects with the available talent and make confident proposals.

The Solution

With a very clear brief and parameters for our data search, we started by identifying all contractors in the UK legal marketplace by initially using professional networks. We then captured multiple data points to build a profile of the candidate to assess viability. Having reviewed over 11,000 profiles, we created a searchable database for ease of use.

Benefits and Results

Our research provided the evidence that was used internally to support their business case for growth. It enabled them to plan their recruitment strategy and provided their internal recruitment team with a fully populated recruitment database to start engagement immediately.‚Äč

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