TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

National Grid: Exit Interviews

National Grid is international electricity and gas company based in the UK and north-eastern US. They play a vital role in connecting millions of people safely, reliably and efficiently to the energy they use. They’re focused on delivering clean, sustainable and affordable energy.

In terms of business-as-usual activity and following specific stages of organisational development, National Grid needed to identify an effective means of capturing insight from departing employees. This had historically been challenging in terms of uptake and cost, which presented a risk for present and future performance. So TMP were asked to find the best solution.

The Challenge

In recent years, the organisation had undergone significant re-structuring, and National Grid was keen to learn lessons from departing employees by harnessing feedback as key driver for organisational improvement.

Exit interviews were seen as an opportunity for National Grid to enable knowledge transfer and experience from exiting staff for the benefit of present incumbents, and to provide insight on current projects, issues and contacts and how they are being delivered, or may be improved. They would also be a critical factor in indentifying features of the workings of the organisation, in order to assess and improve all aspects of the working environment, culture, processes and systems, management and development.

In a nutshell, they would be a central channel to establish any data that might determine the quality of the organisation, both in terms of its relationship with its staff, customers, suppliers, third-parties and the general public.

For National Grid, the challenge was two fold. Firstly, staff were often reluctant to share information directly to company stakeholders, particularly if they sensed that their feedback might be received defensively. Secondly, interviews could be labour-intensive. TMP Worldwide were engaged in order to provide an efficient and effective solution.

The Solution

We wanted to create a solution which would be unaffected by volume – either in terms of data to hand over, and the number of interviews. In designing a structured online questionnaire, leavers were able to provide feedback to a third party in a safe environment and in turn, that data could be categorised effectively in order to provide National Grid with a statistically significant corpus of quantitative data. This would prove more useful to the corporate HR team than the verbatim interview responses from previous interviews that could not be straightforwardly transferred into statistical MI.

All candidates were sent a link to an online questionnaire that was hosted on TMP’s talent management platform, Talentlink.

Within the questionnaire, candidates could opt to participate in a further telephone interview conducted by a member of the TMP resourcing team, should they want to provide more in-depth information. If they did, TMP would invite the candidate by email to self-book a convenient interview time. We would then call them and recording their responses.

On a quarterly basis, all questionnaire and interview response data, together with diversity information is provided to National Grid for review, to be incorporated into wider HR and operational planning.

Benefits and Results

The data provided has played an integral role in understanding key aspects of quality delivery in terms of stakeholder, supplier and customer relationships. The activity in relation to exit interviews is intermittent and will largely be determined by the current stages in the organisational development planning.

As a result, TMP have provided National Grid with an efficient and important stream of reliable data and insight into their organisation


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