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Safran Nacelles: RPO

A part of a global business this specialist aerospace business in the North West, Safran Nacelles, needed a partner that could help transform their recruitment processes. When they were looking for high levels of engagement with the technical line managers, they realised TMP was the right partner for the job because we knew that we would be able to source engineering professionals and nurtured them through the process. This contract was a relatively low volume RPO but one that covered a number of highly technical scarce skill sets.

The Challenge

Based in the Lancashire hills in Burnley, manufacturing nacelles for aircraft produced globally, Safran Nacelles needed specialist niche skill sets in an area where there was a limited supply of relevant talent. However, agencies were costly and couldn’t always produce the candidates required. Niche roles such as Stress Engineers went unfilled for over 15 months, and the average time to hire for all vacancies exceeded 100 days. There were many challenges in identifying these specialist candidates, including specific skills, applicant availability, relocation issues, rewards package and willingness to consider a permanent role.

The Solution

Safran Nacelles required a bespoke employer brand-led solution that gave them the flexibility during spikes in recruitment. Four things defined our bespoke approach:

  • Relationships
  • Rigour
  • Innovation
  • Branding

We provided Safran Nacelles with an onsite embedded delivery model which offered them the local expertise and support day to day, in addition to incremental resources from our Delivery Centre when needed.
Our onsite presence at Nacelle’s UK headquarters maintained great Hiring Manager and HR BP relationships and allowed us to really engage with entire the hiring community. All contact with candidates from the TMP team was made under the Safran Nacelles name, whether sourcing and screening candidates, conducting interviews or leading tours of the factory.

Each new role would hold a detailed briefing with the hiring manager and other stakeholders. We took away a rigorous assessment of the skills, experience and behaviours that typified an excellent candidate for Aircelle. Duly informed, we would then devise an innovative sourcing and talent acquisition strategy, including deep web searching, competitor mapping and tapping into online forums, reaching out to candidates from across Europe and the UK.

"TMP were able to source candidates that we just wouldn’t have found using traditional recruitment methods, including great talent from outside the UK.” HR Director – Safran Nacelles

Benefits and Results

Because we managed every part of the sourcing screening and interview scheduling process, we’ve substantially streamlined Safran’s resourcing, yielding impressive results. Within three years we’ve placed over 100 specialist roles, including 12 Stress Engineers – demonstrating our sector strength – and the results continue to stack up! We’ve reduced the time-to-hire from 107.3 days to 40.2 days. During this period we’ve also managed to reduce the cost-per-hire by almost half.

  • Over three years time to hire reduced by 67 days
  • 4.4 candidates submitted to hiring manager per vacancy
  • 73% of candidates submitted to hiring managers progressed to interview
  • 3.2 face-to-face interviews per vacancy
  • 83% of offers converted to hires.

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