TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Sainsbury’s: Data and Analytics Centre of Excellence Campaign

Sainsbury’s Data and Analytics Centre of Excellence, is a newly-restructured team built on delivering industry-leading insight.

Sainsbury’s wanted to attract more thinkers, doers and risk takers – members of the data and analytics community looking for a new challenge. People who want to see how they can personally add value – and see the tangible results of their work. So how do you reach creative, inquisitive minds looking for something they won’t find anywhere else? The first step is to ask TMP to help.

The Challenge

Game changers within the data and analytics community are in high demand, especially to work within the Data Science & Algorithms, Business Intelligence & Reporting, Information Management & Strategy, Analytics and Major Projects teams.

Our main challenge was changing perception that Sainsbury’s is THE place to be. The place where challenge seekers, problem solvers, solution bringers belong. The place to find a better way and add more value to the world around us. For customers, for business, and each other. This is the place where – whatever your area of expertise – you can bring your creativity and ingenuity to real-world, game-changing challenges that stretch and inspire your inquisitive mind. Here you can see the real, human impact of your work.

The message was clear; at Sainsbury’s our target audience can apply their original mind and help us create new opportunities to keep growing and improving the way we do business for people. Offering great quality products that are fairly priced and sustainably sourced. And as a trusted retailer, serving our customers whenever and wherever they want.

The Solution

We wanted to create a new movement – something bold that Sainsbury’s can own. Something that celebrates what sets Sainsbury’s apart from the competition. It’s about challenging perceptions and showing the data and analytics community that this is a game changing stage for their talent.

Our solution: The Humanalysts™

In order to bring The Humanalysts to life, we needed to be bold. So we decided to launch an unbranded campaign. A striking teaser campaign that builds intrigue and conversation around The Humanalysts. Appealing to our inquisitive audience. They’ll want to uncover the mystery – Who are The Humanalysts? What is this new movement in data science? How can they get involved in using data in new ways to improve lives? They’ll want to know more. The teaser campaign will drive to a landing page for the big reveal: Sainsbury’s is the pioneering home of The Humanalysts.

Benefits and Results

The campaign is gaining traction as it seeded into talent communities building awareness of the great opportunities that exist for people with these skills. Like any brand based campaign the goals are medium to long term as we shift perceptions in the market. So watch this space!

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