TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Seadrill: Community Management

Seadrill is a world leader in offshore deepwater drilling. The company has some 5,000 skilled and highly competent employees, representing around 65 nationalities, operating in 15 countries on five continents.

Seadrill wanted to build a strategy that would help the organisation create long-term engagement with candidates and their existing audience to keep Seadrill at the forefront of their minds during quiet periods, as well as being recognised as an employer of choice during busy periods.

TMP was brought in to operate and community manage Seadrill’s social profiles, ensure Seadrill have a continued presence on social media.

The Challenge

Seadrill primarily have an audience from South America and the Middle East but have an inadequate number of followers residing in UK from an IT, accounting and finance background. Recruitment volumes are really low and infrequent which make it difficult to increase the number of followers in these areas.

Without a detailed plan, it has been challenging for Seadrill to communicate their brand and values to their audience. This has impacted on the number of followers and the engagement rate on posts. Original content has been hard to come by without dedicated sources within the organisation and therefore older content was recycled and used. Copy on posts was too lengthy for social media which diminished the story that Seadrill wanted to convey. Seadrill people don’t have the time, experience or the tools to invest into the social media project. So TMP were there to help.

The Solution

TMP implemented a well planned social media strategy into the organisation’s overall brand strategy that has allowed Seadrill to establish long-term engagement with key audiences.

Social media has been utilised to help build the Seadrill brand, engage with global recruitment audiences and keep candidates informed about career opportunities, company developments and activities within the organisation.

A content nest has been implemented to provide structure and ensure consistent, timely and on-brand social media content creation. The appropriate social media tools were scoped out and utilised to manage the engagement and content on the social media channels. Social media champions were setup to source all on-shore and off-shore content to be shared with TMP’s social media lead. The length of copy was cut down and hashtags were utilised to ensure the content had a wider reach. Images were resized and logos added so content is optimised for each platform.

Benefits and Results

Social media is now an integrated element in Seadrill’s talent brand and attraction strategy and they are continuing to receive interest and engagement from talent communities who are interested in joining the organisation.

The LinkedIn Community has the largest audience with 170,233 followers. Since handing over the social media campaign to TMP, the followers across all channels have grown by 60,084 followers. This is a result of organic content sourced by Seadrill and posted by TMP.

The process has been streamlined so there is now a steady stream of relevant content being posted to the social media channels. Content is planned a month in advance so posts can be scheduled using the relevant tools. A new approval process has been added so Seadrill have sight of copy being used and are able to make amends if appropriate before posts go out. Continuous traffic is being driven towards the careers website so the audience is aware of up to date opportunities within Seadrill. TMP are also able to respond to messages on social channels within 24 hours.

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