TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Candidate Generation

Whether it's through media, social channels or by sourcing people directly, we start by filling your candidate pipeline with the right number of people who are right for the role.

Getting your employer brand messages or job roles in front of applicants and target audiences cost effectively is a real challenge.

Which channel and or media do you select? How do you get candidate sourcing, or PPC into the candidate generation mix?

All good questions and all part of our talent solutions at TMP.
We make it our business to truly understand target audiences.
We use insight to build personas to reflect who they are, what motivates them and in which channels they spend their time. This helps us plan the best ways to engage and talk to the candidates (passive or active) you’re looking to reach.

We believe that candidate generation isn’t a single activity but a combination of ideas that blend together to get the right mix of applicants from diverse backgrounds into your pipeline.

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