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Contractors and Interims

We can help you to find the best temporary workers and contractor solutions to meet your business' short and long term resource needs.

Every day in the UK 1.1 million people are placed into new temporary assignments or jobs as organisations face dynamic market conditions and differing resourcing challenges. Strategic resource planning is effected by many different factors, including skills shortages, geographic restraints and pipelines of business.

Within highly competitive markets, we work closely with our clients to turn these challenges into a competitive advantage. This means we can accurately plan the strategic recruitment of 1 to 1,000 temporary workers, at various locations across the UK, on the same day. We can also help to maximise the value of an agile workforce, so that you can better understand and forecast staggered costs to deliver projects across the UK. We can fill an immediate need, then optimise your supply chain, process and technology to reduce costs per hire and time to hire. Supported by our intelligent MI we will accurately report on costs, metrics and continuous improvement whilst reducing overall recruitment costs.

By understanding market conditions we’re able to build and deliver a fast, effective and flexible workforce across the country.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Managed Service Provision (MSP)
  • Master Vendor
  • Hybrid MSP
  • Neutral Vendor
  • Statement of Work (SOW) / Work Package Solutions