TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Creativity and Innovation

We use our unique combination of sage and hero to bring employer brands to life and give them real stand-out from the competition.

Sage and hero go wonderfully together, especially in the Creative department. With colleagues who provide wisdom and insight, tech build and channel planning, our writers and designers are free to focus on the courage of conceptual creative. As specialists in the employer space, our Creative team is focused on creating fantastic employer branded experiences at every stage of a candidate’s journey.

We think about the added potential for every piece of work we produce. Reputation-building can be social. Engagement can be from interactive video. Ad campaigns can be so controversial that the press picks them up. Assessments can be immersive. Offer letters can be more than just a letter. Onboarding can involve a Chief People Officer who is a red puppet. Employee referral can be promoted through a vending machine that hands out balloons and flowers.

Our work is underpinned by a passion for honesty, yet aspirationally, expressing what makes an employer different to all of their competitors. That’s not just about communications (although those are our favourite tools) but about creating employer branded experiences that drive the right engagement and behaviours to drive an organisation forward towards its goals.


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