TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Selection Tool Design

We can help you to use the right behavioural selection and assessment tools to establish a pipeline full of the right candidates for the job.

Recruiting people into your organisation is typically a resource intensive exercise with a high stakes outcome. Having the right selection tools to support your decision-making significantly improves the likelihood of identifying the most suitable applicants.

We partner with a variety of public and private sector organisations; helping them to determine what the best selection tools are to identify high potential candidates for their roles. We design bespoke selections tools or assessment exercises to improve the branded-based candidate experience. Observing a candidate in a variety of ‘live’ situations, in addition to an interview, produces rich evidence upon which to make a selection decision.

We design a variety of bespoke assessment tools across the lifecycle of the candidate journey, from situational judgement tests to video interviews and assessment centre exercises. Our client’s brand flows through the design of our exercises so that candidates gain an insight into the culture of the organisation they’ve applied to. We also have access to a wide-range of ‘off-the-shelf’ exercises and psychometric tools, and select those most likely to provide the best match for the roles you’re hiring to.

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