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Social Media and Content Marketing

We live in a social world. So we use social content to engage audiences with your employer brand, both before and beyond recruitment.

Social media is fun to use, starts at very low cost, and is great for engaging audiences to build reputation long before recruitment begins. The choice of channels is dazzling, and changes by the minute – but what stays constant is the human fascination with being connected.

Our Social Media team are professional content strategists and community managers, who know how to take a softer approach to engagement. They can build a following from scratch, help you optimise your results from promoted posts and guide your internal people on creating their own great content. They’ll help you identify influencers and curate content that matters to your audience. They can even help you strategise events, like shareable stunts, social-driven competitions and geofilters, to create a digital layer to your presence on campus and at industry gatherings. We even have an in-house social filmmaking function. And everything we do is measured and recorded by dashboard, so you can see your ROI.

Whether you just want to dip your toe in the water, or you’re ready to lay down a long-term content marketing strategy, we can help you choose a mix of activity that will help you make the most of social.

Be content led!

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