TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Thank you for your interest in our series of events for early careers recruitment professionals.


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Part 1: Early Careers Research Presentation (20 mins)

Fast paced, data packed, walk through of our latest research.


  • how to take your candidate experience from good to excellent,
  • how to manage the increase in applications you have no doubt experienced,
  • and what an attractive employer looks like for today’s students.


Part 2: Results Panel Discussion (1hr)

Listen as leaders from top organisations dissect the research and discuss how to make use of the findings.

We cover…

  • Attracting and retaining diverse graduate and apprentice candidates
  • Giving a good candidate experience with higher candidate volumes (and therefore rejections) without damaging your employer brand
  • Become a top employer of choice in school leaver and graduate eyes
  • Managing the pressure of increased applications this year and next