Getting your employer brand off the ground

Join Simon Wright in this on-demand webinar as he shares 10 Top Tips on how to get your employer brand off the ground!

• Leadership Buy – In
• Bridging the gap between HR and marketing
• Sizing up your company’s talent needs
• Defining a clear and compelling EVP
• Building flexibility into the framework
• Getting current employees onboard first
• Making the most of social media
• Keeping an eye on your competition
• Getting into the right shape for talent
• Investing in metrics

Simon is the Managing Partner of our Consulting Practice. With 20 year experience across Talent and Resourcing, Simon is passionate about looking at a problem holistically and leads a team of experts in Strategy, Brand, Business Psychology and Communications that work together to solve the big talent challenges facing our clients through the use of innovation and creativity.

This 30 minute webinar will make all the difference to your recruiting plans.

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