Resourcing Strategy Webinar

Why a resourcing strategy is the most important thing HR can be doing

Join us on Thursday 30th November at 2pm where John Wallace will be talking about his recently launched book and, through his experience in the recruitment industry, will explain how he has seen the damage that poor resourcing can do to a business and the huge benefits of getting it right. Yet, too often, resourcing only receives focus an investment in times of crisis.

In this webinar John will cover;

  • what a resourcing strategy is
  • why it is so important now
  • why organisations don’t have the right strategy in place

In researching the book, he documented that there are 3 critical success criteria that need to be in place for a successful resourcing strategy and he will discuss what they are, and what that means.

So register for this insightful webinar to find out why you should use strategic resourcing to sharpen your competitive edge.