The Candidate Experience

15 August 2017
by admin

TMP’s latest research with HR departments and jobseekers focuses on managing the employer brand through the entire recruitment process. Employer brand thinking is at the start of the journey that is well trodden by consumer brand marketing and there is lots we can learn. Consumer brand marketing is now about the full customer journey where the brand experience is assessed at each and every touch point with the customer.

Organisations are beginning to look at how the employer brand is represented throughout the candidate experience. A well thought through recruitment process should inspire, inform and educate the applicant at every stage. Whether they join or go on to find another position, they should be fully enthused and engaged and share the brand experience with their network.

So why is it that many organisations have a recruitment process that seems to ignore their employer brand and often disappoints the applicant?

At TMP we wanted to examine this gap between actual candidate experience and the expected experience based on the perceived employer brand. So we undertook a major research project with HR representatives of UK organisations and also individuals who had been job seekers within the previous 12 months. We looked at the perception of the employer brand through all stages of the recruitment process from the application form, communication between stages of recruitment, job seekers’ experience at interviews and assessment centres and onto job offer and onboarding.