TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Media Planning and Buying

The real measure of great media is what delivers best value. Whatever your audience consumes, we can research, plan and buy it efficiently - in the UK and abroad.

Over the last 10-15 years £1billion of media spend on recruitment marketing has disappeared. This could make you think that media isn’t a worthwhile channel – wrong! What it has done is make media planning more about wisdom and learning. We take investing our clients’ money as a serious responsibility, and use data and insight to prepare robust schedules – not only looking at the media itself but also the products that each media has to offer, and which are most suited to each brief.

TMP has the largest Channel Planning team in the industry, buying over £30 million of media each year. Our hero mentality is more save money than save the day! We buy cost effectively to give you the very best value. Last year we created incremental value and/or savings for our clients of over £5 million on their expenditure.

Our Campaign Management and MI teams work tirelessly on your behalf to tag and track performance, drive media performance to the limit, and provide dashboards and insight into your media spend.

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