TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Diversity and Inclusion

We can support you in understanding the specific challenges your organisation faces, to attract and retain more diverse talent.

It’s well known that organisations with diverse workforces better understand their customers, adopt a more rounded approach to risk-taking, make better decisions and, ultimately, perform better than those without. Our Diversity & Inclusion consultancy brings together a range of TMP specialisms that can help you realise those benefits too.

Our Insight function can help you to understand the perspectives of people with different backgrounds and experiences. You’ll see how they perceive your organisation, the barriers to engagement, what they want to hear about you and through what channels.

We can help you to develop messaging that resonates with your target audience and deliver those messages in a way that makes your organisation more accessible.

By carrying out an audit of your existing selection process, we can help you to avoid the dangers of adverse impact and unconscious bias in favour of consistent, objective assessment. This will enable candidates to perform at their best through your recruitment process.

In addition, we can help you understand why you might struggle to retain particular audiences so that you can put strategies in place to better manage any issues.

We recognise that encouraging greater diversity isn’t about lowering your expectations. It’s about putting you in a position to hire the best talent from the broadest pool.

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