TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Exit Interviews and Insight

We can help you find out why people leave your organisation and provide valuable insight into how you can improve talent retention.

We’ve developed this service to provide clients with insight into why employees choose to move on from their organisations. It can be used to identify factors across a broad range of employees, or deployed in a more targeted fashion.

We use two approaches. The first approach is face-to-face or telephone interviews, which allow for in-depth exploration of the factors that contribute to someone leaving. This approach can be deployed when an organisation is experiencing higher than average attrition rates among specific skill sets or demographics, or within specific teams or departments.

The second approach is a bespoke online survey, which allows us to gather more generic data. We set up and monitor an exit survey on your behalf, which can then be sent to everyone leaving the organisation. This provides quantitative data, which is reviewed and reported back to you on a quarterly basis.

The data we can gather will drive the insight that allows us to holistically identify solutions to address the challenges you’re facing, while providing solid ROI.

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