TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Job Profiling

Our in-house team of Occupational and Business Psychologists will get under the skin of every job, to help you define what great performance looks like.

Before launching into designing selection processes or tools, an organisation should first have a clear picture of ‘what great looks like’ in the job, and establish what the benchmark for success is.

Job profiling is all about identifying key people attributes resulting in high job performance, and using this understanding to determine which candidates best match – or exceed – the benchmark.

We start by gathering a significant amount of data through the profiling process. We then use this rich data, describing the motivations, behaviours, personality characteristics and cognitive requirements, to inform the next stages. This data tells us the best tools to use in the selection process for identifying great fit candidates. It provides the foundation for the development of an assessment framework. And it supports the identification of, or bespoke design of, the best selection tools.

Taking an outcome-focused approach to deciding what the selection process needs to look like significantly increases the chances of identifying a high performing candidate. Designing a legally defensible process also gives you confidence should you face any challenges to that process.

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