TMP December 2021 Data Security Update

Telephone and Video Interviewing

We're experienced in conducting and marking competency and strengths based interviews for entry level talent and experienced hires.



We want to help you deliver the candidates you need for your business right now.  TMP has a simple, remote interviewing solution which provides you with:

  • Live video interviewing
  • 1-to-1 or panel
  • Computer and mobile device optimised
  • Recordings for later review

Our quick to install system includes:

  • Candidate self-scheduling functionality
  • Fully GDPR-compliant with EU data centres

We also have plenty of immediately available capacity to support clients (existing and new) to adapt to remote work challenges.  We’re able to set-up, accept, screen and score your candidate’s video interviews using our trained recruitment coordinators.

For more information please take a look at our latest fact sheet here.


Some organisations like to own the delivery of large recruitment campaigns in-house, but they experience capacity issues in a particular area of the process. One of the most common capacity challenges is telephone or video interviewing. And that’s where TMP comes in.

All our interviews are recorded, allowing us to quality assure a representative sample for consistency of scoring, call control, and accurate representation of the client’s brand and tone of voice. Prior to the launch of any new telephone interview campaign, we make sure the dedicated team of assessors is fully briefed on the client’s organisation, the specific job role and the end-to-end candidate journey. That way, we can accurately respond to any questions the candidate may raise.

All of the telephone/video notes are stored within the applicant tracking system, enabling us to provide feedback on the interview to individual candidates on request. Video interviewing is becoming increasingly popular, whereby candidates are asked to respond to a predefined set of questions.

In a typical year we conduct almost 45,000 telephone interviews and over 2,350 video interviews on behalf of our clients – and we’re always ready to scale up for the next project.

Let us help clear your telephone interview backlog.

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